ADR -Roses

ADR - Performance testing of new varieties of roses in Germany

Judging of ornamental presentation and health

Breeding progress has resulted in the development of new rose varieties with extraordinary characteristics and diverse uses for landscaping and private gardening. With so many different types of roses, by 1950 rose breeders had already realized the necessity of testing and assessing new varieties to evaluate their performance and to strengthen the awareness of varieties. For these reasons ADR testing was established by Wilhelm Kordes 50 years ago.

ADR Working Group

Today the ADR working group consists of the Bund deutscher Baumschulen (German nurseries association), BdB, rose breeders and independent trial gardens. On the basis of statistical analyses of the ADR trial results by the Bundessortenamt (Federal Office of Plant Varieties), the results are discussed at a yearly meeting.


Breeding objectives have changed over the years. New colours, flower and growth types for various purposes have been developed. Correspondingly the guidelines for ADR testing have been changed too. At present new varieties are tested at eleven trial sites over several years by assessing characteristics such as winter hardiness, number of flowers, attractiveness and scent of the flower and growth type.

Resistance to pests and diseases

The main characteristics for this evaluation however are resistance to pests and diseases. The ADR varieties grown at the trial sites are cultivated with out any chemical pesticides to evaluate their natural beauty and strength. Winners of the ADR award are varieties above a certain standard of quality.


In der ADR-Prüfung standen mittlerweile 1700 Sorten. Jedes Jahr werden etwa 40 Sorten aller Rosenklassen geprüft. Mit dem Jahrgang 2007 wurde nunmehr das ADR-Qualitätszeichen an 153 Sorten verliehen. Es wird allerdings von der ADR-Jury aberkannt, wenn eine ADR-Sorte nach Jahren nicht mehr die Qualitätskriterien - besonders Gesundheit - aufweist. So wurden anlässlich der ADR Tagung 2004 aus der  ADR-Sortenliste 19 Sorten entfernt. Weitere acht Sorten wurden vom Züchter aus der ADR-Sortenliste herausgenommen.

ADR varieties

1500 varieties have been evaluated in ADR trials so far. About 40 varieties of different rose types are tested each year. Up to 2000 the ADR quality certificate has been awarded to 121 varieties. However, this certificate can be withdrawn by the ADR jury, if a variety no longer fulfils the ADR quality standard. ADR activities are an essential contribution for ecologically friendly cultivation and use of roses in private and public parks and gardens, as nurseries and consumers are provided with wellfounded information to evaluate the numerous variety of roses.

Is new and commendable which can be deprived this seal also again. Historical roses have no address seal because they are too old and roses from other countries are not often submitted to the audit.
That's why they also find no English roses and only few French, however, here it is worked by the breeders from in it because also they have noticed how importend this is.
How sensible is now ADR?
Now many rose friends believe with an ADR - rose can pass nothing more to me, this is wrong.
Also they need a good location and regular care.
However, it is, nevertheless, a good guide for the rose purchase, however, they should not harden overmuch on it,
there, otherwise, something escapes them.

Topseller in 'ADR -Roses'


Bonica 82® Standard 60 cm

Breeder: Meilland Year: 1982
Delivery time:
available as from March 2017

Camelot ®

Breeder: Tantau Year: 2011
Delivery time:
available as from March 2017


Elbflorenz® (The Anniversary Rose)

Breeder: Meilland Year: 2006
Delivery time:
available as from March 2017

Golden Gate ®

Breeder: W. Kordes & Sons Year: 2005
Delivery time:
available as from March 2017


Guirlande d'Amour®

Breeder: Lens / Begium Year: 1993
Delivery time:
available as from March 2017


Breeder: Noack Year: 1985
Delivery time:
available as from March 2017


Jasmina ®

Breeder: W. Kordes & Sons Year: 2005
Delivery time:
available as from March 2017

La Rose de Molinard®delgrarose

Breeder: Georges Delbard Year: 2008
Delivery time:
available as from March 2017



Breeder: W. Kordes & Sons Year: 2004
Delivery time:
available as from March 2017

Pink Paradise®delfluoro

Breeder: Delbard Year: 2010
Delivery time:
available as from March 2017


Red Leonardo Da Vinci®

Breeder: Meilland Year: 1993
Delivery time:
available as from March 2017

Schloß Ippenburg®

Breeder: Meilland Year: 2006
Delivery time:
available as from March 2017



Breeder: Noack Year: 1991
Delivery time:
available as from March 2017


Breeder: W. Kordes & Sons Year: 1969
Delivery time:
available as from March 2017
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